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Sensei Andrew Devereux-Cooke

Andrew Devereux-Cooke, 4th Dan, Test Valley Aikido, Andover

Andy has been practicing Aikido since 1995 and was awarded Black Belt, 4th Dan in 2011. He has also held the British Aikido Board's Coach Level One qualification since 2004 and has been teaching since 2005.

He was initially attracted to Aikido due to "the no kicking and punching aspect, the fact I could learn to defend myself without running the risk of being clouted over the head in my first class was quite appealing" and has continued studying Aikido because "there is always something to improve, there is always another level to aim at in my own practice".

To find out more please visit The Test Valley Aikido Club website here.
Sensei Andrew Devereux-Cooke
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